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High quality foil masts from the best manufacturers in the world are amazing bits of kit. And, depending on the day, you might need a variety of different mast lengths to suit the conditions: a shorter mast for learning or for shallow beach or reef breaks; a longer one for choppy surface conditions, for downwinders, or to give you more range for pumping. But carbon masts are pretty expensive - so it's kind of silly, in fact, that you have to buy a whole new mast just to add a few more inches to the top. And that’s why we made FOILSLEEVE™: a simple and cost-effective way to extend the mast you have. Depending on your set up, FOILSLEEVE™ can add as much as 150mm or about 6 inches to the length of any mast with a standard surf/SUP tuttle top.



New Zealand might only be a small country at the end of the earth, but we are stacked full of great sailors, surfers, designers and engineers who love the water. Three awesome kiwi companies have helped bring FOILSLEEVE™ to life: David of Kinetic Simulation for the 3D design modelling, Gregor at Haeberlin Composites for the engineering and Neil at Creative CNC Solutions for the manufacturing. It's been great fun working together on this.



Each FOILSLEEVE™ is custom made in New Zealand, CNC machined on a 5-axis machine from a single billet of T6 6061 aluminium. The 'skeletor' design is a powerful reflection of the function and is very simple, strong and light. Each unit is then anodised for a high-quality, durable finish.



FOILSLEEVE™ has been modelled on the gofoil tuttle mast. It will also fit other surf and SUP masts, but some tuttles are different. Check out this page for compatibility.



Fitting your FOILSLEEVE™ is a piece of cake: simply slip it onto the top of your existing tuttle mast top, and bolt it either onto your board or onto your plate adaptor using the Sleevebolts supplied. Watch this. So, if conditions change, you can change your mast length in a literally one minute - way quicker than changing your whole mast and re-fitting your wings.



As the FOILSLEEVE™ is attached to the top of the foil mast, closest to the board, it has minimal effect on the dynamics of the foil in the water. And, as it's light, it makes no noticeable difference to the feel of your foil in flight. True, the sleeve is stiff and does not flex like the carbon mast itself, but we don’t believe this makes any noticeable difference to the overall performance of your foil.



Each FOILSLEEVE™ is built tough. However, like all watersports equipment, everything ultimately has a breaking point. The FOILSLEEVE™ should not fail during normal use, and the warranty covers you against any manufacturing defects and for fair use of the product. The warranty does not, however, cover loss or damage to you and/or any of your equipment if you get smashed in the surf or drilled in high winds. No equipment has a warranty for that. If you get whipped, stuff’s going to break – chances are the FOILSLEEVE™ will be the least of your problems. Be careful out there.



We manufacture in NZ and sell direct to customers, shipping to anywhere in the world. We try to keep the shipping costs as low as possible, but COVID-19 has definitely made it more expensive. If you want to buy multiple units, please contact hello@FOILSLEEVE.com so we'll work out the best shipping option for you. 

COVID UPDATE: Unfortunately, we are experiencing significant shipping delays to all destinations due to COVID-19. The lack of aircraft moving around the globe means there are restrictions to freight. Not much we can do - just wear ya mask and stay frosty.



FOILSLEEVE™ is designed made by Groundswell, a small company based in Auckland, New Zealand, run by Mark Redgrave. Mark has a day-job, but he loves to surf, foil and use his wing ding things. He also loves to design and make stuff. If you want to know more, flick us an email at hello@FOILSLEEVE.COM or read more about Mark at www.groundswell.cx.