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Looking for a wing board? 85kg or over? Getting sucked into the "small zone"? Having tried many boards in many sizes, the team at FOILSLEEVE have put together a simple chart showing some of the shorter wing boards on the market that pack more volume.

So what is the Goldilocks Zone? We think the g-zone is boards under 5'6" with over 100ltrs volume. Why 5'6"? Well, short wing boards are the bomb: try one, and you will see the difference. You need low swing weight for winging, and this means a short board. We think anything over 5 1/2 ft is getting too long. You may disagree, and that's cool ;-)

And why 100ltrs? Well, if you are 85kg or more, you will need 100ltrs to comfortably float for a knee start. Especially in rough water or choppy seas. Under 100ltrs can work, absolutely... but it depends what you want, and how much you want to work. At 85kg or more, as someone who gets out on the water a couple of times per week, we think you will have more fun with a little more volume. 

There are scores of boards available in the 85-95ltrs range - they are deliberately not on this chart. But here are some good options if you want your board to be goldilocksjust right:




Need a longer mast to improve for your winging? Save $$ and fit a FOILSLEEVE...